January 1, 2023

NME Magazine posted "Alex Turner Unplugged: His 10 Best Acoustic Moments" and I'm honored to have recorded and mixed both the #1 and #10 spot on that list. The session was recorded at Studio West in San Diego, CA. for local radio station 94/9. Years before this, Peter Dyson (Studio West, Owner) took me and a few other studio employees to see Arctic Monkeys in Los Angeles. It was really my first real introduction to the band and I remember how impressed I was with their live show. When the opportunity presented itself to record an acoustic set of theirs, it was exciting to have the same people work together that attended that show in Los Angeles. 

My friends Rowley and Rob from Rowlberto Media worked alongside The Joelsons to capture the performance on video. 

We had all worked together on many other live performances but I think this was the first time that all of us were actual fans of the artist we were working with and it showed in our work that day. So it's nice to see that work part of a list like this. Also, it didn't hurt to have two world class musicians sitting in front of the mics. ;)

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